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M38 A1 Jeep
M38 A1 Jeep

The Last Jeep

This was the last military derivative of the original 1941 Willys Jeep. While the word “Jeep” became a part of the language, vehicles of this type that came into military service after the M38A1 were new designs from the ground up. The M38A1 was developed from the Korean War vintage M38 in 1952 and manufactured for the U.S. military forces through 1957. 80, 290 of the M83A1 were built for the military during this period. Many more were built for the civilian market and for foreign military use until production ended in 1971.

The main distinguishing feature of the M38A1 is bodywork that is noticeably more curved than that of the earlier models.


Engine 4 cylinder, 134 cid, 72 HP Willys
Transmission 3 speed manual w/ 2 speed xfer case
Wheelbase 81 inches
Length O/A 139 inches
Width 61 inches
Weight(Empty) 2665 lbs

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum
2060A Airport Road • Huntsville AL 35801
(256) 883-3737