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155 mm MLE 1918 Howitzer
155 mm MLE 1918 Howitzer

MLE 1918 155mm Howitzer is the U.S. version of the French 1917 howitzer commonly referred to as a Schneider. This is the same type of gun that fired the last artillery round in World War I. That gun was nick-named "Calamity Jane". The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum plans to eventually complete the restoration of our MLE 1918 Howitzer to World War I era condition and it will be named "Calamity Jane II".


From left to right:


Charge, Propelling Charge, M2

Used for gun crew drills. This charge is non-explosive. The propelling charge is incremented to allow the gunner to select the amount of powder to allow the projectile to reach the target. The Basic Charge for the 155 mm howitzer is Charge 5, and the maximum range is Charge 8.

Projectile, 155 mm, HE, M107 (Normal and Deep Cavity)

This projectile is fired from a 155 mm howitzer and is used for blast effect, fragmentation, and mining. Maximum range: 18,100 meters.

Projectile, 155 mm, HE, M731                                                                            155 mm cartridges

This projectile is used to deliver sub-missile anti-personal mines (sub-munitions) fired from a 155 mm howitzer and is called Area Denial Artillery Munitions (ADM).                                                                                                

Maximum range: 17,740 meters.

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